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Great game but it glides to much but over all 5 stars


I love this game


I ❤️ this game it's so fun

Too many ads

Fun game, but the ads are ridiculous!

Try not to get addicted

Fun and challenging !


I could say that this game is fun but then I would be lying. The reason is there are way too many adds. The creator made it so that after every three plays there is an add. Another reason is the skip level never worked for me both the times I had to waste my time watching a video. Also this game has a choice of different colored balls, in my opinion I think there should be more. In conclusion I don’t suggest that you get this app and waste your time by watching too many adds.

Inconsistent and unfair

There’s no way to vary your jump height which would be fine if it was at least consistent about how high you jump but it isn’t. Your jump height is completely different between each level, sometimes it changes in the same level. Not to mention that on many of the levels you spawn and die before you can react. The physics are unpredictable and weird and the game isn’t fair. It’s a shame too because the game concept is good.

Don’t even bother with this game

This is a very bad game it is fun but every time you play it seems to lag out and randomly let you win or make you loose. There is no pattern in how the shapes rotate causing you to not be able to win higher levels. On top of it all there is way too many ads. I mean seriously an ad every five deaths it’s ridiculous and some I’ve had took forever to load so I was in the middle of the next round and the ad pops up causing me to die. It’s addictive but only because you want to complete one level you are stuck on. Overall a good concept but a terrible game.

Lvl 42 is way to hard

They made lvl 42 impossible

This is a fun game🔥🔥🔥🔥*not clickbait*

This is a fun game and good if you want to break time quickly. Also it has very nice gameplay mechanics and graphics. I expect good things in the future for this game. I also wanted to mention that the 2 ads to skip is very nice, generous, and a pretty good deal. The skip thing really helped me out, and also I like how as you go on the levels get progressively difficult and doesn’t just skip to the hard stuff. I beat every level without skipping (I completed the ones I did skip) and I found the game very fun, a great idea, and ur mom giey 😝👌 u

Great game

I love this game and love your concepts on tastypill! I enjoy the levels and so much more! Keep up the good work!

Level 5 impossible

In level 5 iam falling straight to the spikes I cant do anything there is no space to jump to many adsssssss

Cool game

So this game is really fun but kinda not easy.i love it so much but this is how it goes is that there’s a little ball and you don’t halftime to tap or do anything to move it because the ball moves by its self.and there’s bunch of pointy poky kinda thorns.and you half to jump when the thorns come really close to you.but there’s this big like exit kinda hole that you can go out to go to a next level.and I think that’s it but just to warn you it gets really,really that’s it thank you for listening or reading thank you so much.bye,bye!!!!!❤️

More levels

This game is good butttt it needs more levels about to 150 that will be good and the first day I got it I was already at level 45 so it really needs more levels

SO so

It’s a fun game but there’s a lot it say a lot of ads I will have two try’s and a ad will come up. I have the game four stars because as I was saying befor there are a lot of ads and in one level I think it was level 4 it made the game kinda unfair when it dropped the ball and right away you would lose

The one and only

I think it’s a great way to distress yourself and make you think very hard

so many ads

fun game but ads every 3 seconds

Best game ever

I love this game so much it’s so addictive I can’t stop playing it I’m on level 11

Nice game

Good game

Ripoff and unfair

I give it a 2 star review cuz you die at spawn and be reward with a ad I spawn on top of the sharp and I die on level 5 a rip off cuz color switch actually was the first one don't believe me your a idiot kid then who's never heard of anything

Not amazing

There are too many adds when I was in the middle of finishing one of them an add came along Also, when I was playing it just put me back to the beginning Lastly, when I am a playing it keeps notifying thing and I don’t like it, it happens all the time

Amazing but

I'm so indicted to the game but every time I lose it puts a commercial


The game is alright and super challenging it is not that much of a game


Game good

It’s alright

The game is great and I love it but it needs to work more levels and need to lower how much a ball costs because 100 for 1 ball is ridiculous and you should add music that is exciting thanks


This game is so addictive you should go ahead and try it out

Mehh -

Poor game play instantly ran into adds deleted the app instantly .. to many game are in the habit of over whelming the user with adds 😔

Pleas add more levels

I finished the game and I want more pleeeeeeeasaaaaas add more levels

Shape Escape

This game is fun, but hard

Was ok

I would suggest that you do not download this game once you get to level 50 it stop and for kids who are lazy they can just skip the level. Not great over all.

Concept fun, but impossible after 3rd level

After a few minutes of playing I had to delete it. The 3rd, maybe 4th or 5th level kept dropping the ball on the spike. It was annoying and impossible. Don’t waste your time.

Best game🤪

This is the best game ever😊🤪

Way to many ads

There’s just so many ads you can barely get into it

Too many ads

Ads show after every two attempts and frankly its annoying if gameplay could be spanned longer without being interrupted by an ad that would bring up the score and better the game

So Addictingly Fun!!

Totally wasting my time but can’t help it because it’s so fun!!!!

Always freezes

This game is always freezing when I die.

Teribile Game !!!!

When țap it lags i WOULD leave a -5 ⭐️ review but sadly the lowest you can do is 1 🌟 don’t get the game!!!

Shape escape

To many ads

Riddles with Ads!!!! =(

Guaranteed to spend more time watching ads than time spent playing the game!! Only get this app if you truly enjoy watching a long advertisement once every 20 or so seconds. This app shows so many ads which effectively ruin the game. Note to developer: If you really want to sell your app, greatly reduce number of ads. I personally have no respect for developer shows so many ads in this fashion. Think from customer point of view, not your wallet.


There are way too many ads in this game. Every time you pass a level it’s like boom there’s an ad and then another ad and another. They should cut back on the ads.


This app is great I love it and I think you should make more games like this one

Shape Escape

Hi. I just wanted u to know that u should really update the game. It really doesn’t make any sense. I’m doing the things you’re supposed to do but it says I’m doing it wrong and keeps getting me out. Please do something. (Don’t take this too harsh because your game IS fun😉😊.) And it’s not my device that’s making it bad. I just wanted u to know. Have a nice day!!!😊😊

My game

It is fun too play it


Super fun


Challenging. Fun. And mostly addictive.😄😄😄😄👍


I would literally get on there or it would 1. Kick me out 2. Play an add or 3. Time out I was not able to get through a single level without one of those three happening.

Good but ads

It is an okay game but way too many ads so play with no wifi


The game concept is interesting, but the ad every 5 deaths- even if you can cut it off early, makes every death extremely perplexing and annoying. If you changed the ads to every 20 deaths, it’d be a much much better game.

I hate this game it's the worst game I've ever played


Less adds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ads are great sometimes and I love them though but can't there be a little less. Thanks,and have a great rest of your life.

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