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Pretty good easy going game hard at times but fun

This game is awesome it have a lot of levels to play

Wan I be boring I play this game and I be so happy


Ok this is just weird , I got to the end after level 50 and it was just a black screen with a white dot and it says level failed. Other than that it’s pretty cool. MOAR LEVELS


Its a little hard but it is fun

Terrible difficulty

Games aren’t supposed to be easy, I know that, but a game shouldn't be THIS hard. This may as well be called “The World’s Hardest Game” BECAUSE IT FEELS LIKE IT IS! YOU CANT EVEN REALLY TELL WHAT LEVEL YOU’VE COMPLETED! You can’t really jump half the time, difficulty gets near impossible starting with level 5, AND TOO MANY ADS! I hope this game dies.


An awesome game u can have lots of fun


This game is addictive so don’t play while working

Can I give 0 stars.


Awesomeness with adds

This game is very fun and I enjoy playing it a lot! I have fun with it and enjoy all the levels they have. There is a problem though. Adds are constant after every 3-4 times you die. I am aware of the option to pay two dollars to get rid of them but that’s a lot just for adds. If the adds could be removed this would be one of my favorite games ever!!




Shape escape is a fun and challenging game I made it to level 8 there is tight shapes loose shapes just watch out for those sharp points


SIX STARS!!!!!!! SOO SUPER 🔥 🔥 🔥 . I don’t care what anyone else says. Extremely tough game!

The challenge

It is a bit of a challenge but that is what I like about it


Wowie wow wow best game of my life I can’t think of a game that’s better

It don’t work

I tap it nothing happens and it don’t give you enough time at the beginning.

"This game was very nice "😍⭐️⭐️⭐️

"This game was very nice "😍⭐️⭐️⭐️

Level 5 is so hard

I bet nobody can get past level 5 because at the beginning of the level you drop down and there is a spike and when you jump it just makes you touch the spike.

This game🔥🔥

They should totally make the other levels 💗❤️❣️💛💓❤️💛🧡gdgjitielskejdjrbxjdnxjfnx


It is a good game but it keeps cheating.

Excessive ads

If you annoy me to death with ads, I won't spend $3 to remove them, but I will gladly leave you a review and move on to something else. I've spent more to remove ads in other games, but only because I actually enjoyed those game that much. You don't even have a CHANCE to enjoy this one because of the inundation of ads. I'll pass. Instead of showing an ad every X deaths, show one every X levels instead.


Ads + glitches = delete

Bad game

In level three I can’t even jump so I get hit and these adds every time I die a dumb add comes up

Shape Escape

Best game ever

Drops directly on spike

Seems fun but then on lvl 5 u simply get dropped on a spike with no chance to jump and either have to skip lvl by watching an ad or just stop playing, I’m just going to uninstall. Also your ads are crazy you close one and then a second one is played right away. I get u have to make money but this ruins gameplay 2 ads back to back.


Really cool game

Way Too many ads

Fun game but too many ads to even play

This game

This game is fun but you should be able to have different balls and characters on there than that it is great

Awesome game

I never had an app like this I know it gets harder but I am up for the challenge I can handle the pain of trying the level over again some levels are harder then others the game is tricky but I don’t care sometimes when I get bored I play this game and I recommend it you should buy this game and I love it I give it five stars

Love game

I love this game it is so much fun

Fun game, hate ads

I love this game, but I don’t want to pay 3 dollars to remove ads

Great example on a game broken by Ads

The game is great with great concept and mechanics. BUT either you buy it or its unplayable with such continuous ads. I had eventually paid for games to remove ads, but at least those games allowed to try what they have to offer. With this game I couldn't and so I deleted the game. Now I use this game only as an example to my friends on how ads can break a great game for good.


Over all this game is pretty fun but every time I die I scream and now I have strep throat! 😕


This game is a hard and fun but it has way too many ads 😜😜😜😜

Love it

This game is very fun kids love it

Shape escape praise

Shape escape is a fun , easy puzzle. It should be shared with the world. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!😁😁

Soo great

Why is level 5 impossible to beat literally


It’s ok


This game can be a very hard game bout if you keep playing it every day It starts to get easier.see I am on level 11 so it can be hard but you can have so much fun

Rip off

I was having trouble passing a level and watched 2 skip level and it still wouldn’t let me go to the next level

حي الخضراء ندى بشار اعجبتني هاذه العبة


You lose before you start

After the third level the ball drops right on the triangle and does not allow enough time to tap, please rewrite your code to drop ball on flat surface.

Shape escape

This game is awesome I love it good job who ever created this game it’s amazing


I am soooooooo playing allll the time

Makes my none existing life better

I have no life


I enjoy this game uaha

How do u beat level 5

How do u


Way to many ads and the levels get way to hard, some even impossible. Some levels you just drop on to a spike and cant get past it. DONT GET THIS GAME. You'll will regret it if you get it.

Cool game

This game is really cool! I play it with my friends all the time. The only problem is the ads. I think it's cool how you can skip a level if it's hard but, every time I get a level wrong an ad shows. It's a little laggy which causes me to beat it. Needs a little work other than that cool game!


Wow jaller

Level 5

Level 5 is ridiculously hard.

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